BCBSM employers Section redesign


This project entailed improving the navigation structure and key pages in the employers section of BCSM's website where businesses can find information about health care plans to provide for their employees. Some of the main issues included:

  • Finding consistent naming conventions for this section (originally called employer-sponsored plans, group plans and employers)

  • Reorganizing the information architecture

  • Redesigning the following pages for responsive design, clearer CTA's and a more relevant content flow: Help, Small Business Options and Large Business Options

My Role

As the lead UX Designer and Researcher on this project I conducted user research, gathering existing data on this page, creating interactive wireframes, and running user tests.

final Product

I designed this responsive, interactive wireframe with a cleaner navigation structure. I redesigned the help section to include previews of all help documents on one page so users could find what they were looking for faster. I also redesigned the Large Business Options and Small Business Options page for a more relevant content flow and clear CTAs for next steps.



Defining Goals and Requirements

I started by reviewing web analytics and Voice of the Customer data from Opinion Lab comment cards and Foresee sessions to find key issues our users were facing from this section. I also talked with stakeholders and subject matter experts to define their goals for the section. From this research I created interactive wireframes, and then conducted a navigation and think out loud test on userzoom.com. From key learnings from the user tests I made some improvements to my wireframe and the navigation structure before handing it off to developers and content editors.

Navigating to Employers Homepage

I found users were having different experiences based on which link they clicked on the homepage. There were two ways to navigate to the Employers section from bcbsm.com’s homepage, however they had different destination URLs and different naming conventions (Employers or Group Plans). Below is a user flow that illustrates the different experiences a user could have based on which link was selected on the homepage.

My recommendation was to always link to the Employers homepage from bcbsm.com’s homepage.

To help determine naming conventions I asked HR professionals this question on userzoom:

On a health insurance website there is a section where human resource (HR) professionals can research specific health insurance plans for staff members depending on the size of their organization. In this section you would find details about what is included in each plan such as prescription drug and dental/vision plans. Which label best describes this section? Rank them from the labels from 1-8, where 1 best describes the section and 8 worst describes the section.

The content editors and I used the below results to determine that while both Employers and Group resonated with users, the best naming convention for our companies business goals was Employers.


Information Architecture

My information architecture recommendations came from administering an open card sort with 40 Human Resources professionals. I used those findings and collaborated with content editors and a business analyst to reorganize the navigation structure and naming conventions. The original navigation options were Our Solutions, Products and Services and Help. Our final recommendation for the main navigation was Plans, Cost Management, Employer Resources and Help. Other information architecture recommendations included:

  • Removing pages that were repetitive and outdated which stemmed from a content review of the employers section that I conducted.

  • Combining five separate help landing pages (Choosing Coverage, Health Care Reform, How Health Insurance Works, Managing My Account, Programs for My Employees) into one overarching help landing page with previews of each help doc. This way there were less clicks and page loads for users to find the help doc they were looking for.

  • Moving the Engage page (Resources for Employees) into the employers navigation because the only way to navigate there is through a vanity URL currently


Redesign of Large Business Options

My Recommendation

Original Large Business Options Design

Original Large Business Options Design


  • Aligned content flow with business objectives:

    • Added clear CTA for how potential customers should contact an agent to get started

    • Promoted Private Exchanges as an alternative way to pay for insurance

  • Created a responsive design using mobile first design

  • Added an easier way to browse plans

Redesign of Help Section


  • Created tabs so users could browse each help article without reloading a page. Originally there were five landing pages and it took several page reloads to find the appropriate help article.

  • Combined similar sections that each only had one or two help docs (Health Care Reform & How Health Insurance Works)

  • Put all forms and documents into one tab instead of splitting them up based on their theme

Original FAQ page

Proposed FAQ page