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There are many different phone numbers at BCBSM. The best number to call is on the back of a members ID card, however if they do not have access to their card it is difficult to find the best number to call on the website. There is a form on one of our contact us pages called Let us call you, however these are only for non-members who are looking to buy a plan and many of these forms come from BCBSM members and need to be redirected. In addition, 16% of call center traffic is misrouted or needs to be transferred to a different department.

My Role

As the lead UX designer my role was to design a new contact page to help our customers find the most appropriate phone number. I also redesigned the Let us Call You form to filter out current BCBSM members and redirect them to their most direct contact information. I went through VoC data (Opinionlab comment cards and Foresee data) to determine common pain points and created wireframes that aligned with user needs and business objectives. I also ran an experiment on the new Contact Us design to track how it affected call center traffic.

Final Product

The new Contact Us page highlights that the best way to contact is using the number on the back of your ID card. It also has a deep link into our member portal where you can find your virtual ID card. The link under Shopping for health insurance? leads to the the form Let us call you form.

contact us new design.png

Wireframe for Let us Call You form

First Iteration

  • Brought ID card phone number front and center since this is the most efficient way to reach the appropriate contact

  • Provided straightforward links to other contact pages

Original Contact Us Page

First low-fidelity wireframe emphasizing calling the number on the back of ID card

Second iteration

  • Created two more dynamic options with more information on the landing page so users wouldn't have as many clicks to find the appropriate number

  • The dropdown option would dynamically load the appropriate contact information in the box below. Due to technical limitations the team was not able to move forward with this option even though it was the best user experience.

  • The tab option highlights the three main contact options, and links to other contact pages such as medicare and medicaid.

Dropdown wireframe

Dropdown wireframe

Tab wireframe

Tab wireframe

The team did not have the capacity to build a new dropdown or tab component and just focused on the image and content about the ID card.


Let us Call You Form


  • Customize form for Individuals and Family members who are looking to buy health insurance coverage

  • Filter out those who already have BCBSM coverage, and Medicare users

  • Gather as much information as necessary to make sure that the most appropriate person calls them back


  • My recommendation was to delete some of the questions for a more simple and concise form such as phone type, and the Contact Preferences section. However the business stakeholders believed these were crucial questions for their processes so I included them in the final wireframe.


Individual and Family Contact Us wireframe.